Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day -8: The Day Before the Big Push

Well, this week is just about over, and that only means one thing; it's time to push to get everything ready for this trip. While it would be a good idea to work tonight on smaller projects, this weekend was quite intense and the many Monster Energy drinks consumed seem to have no real effect.

The list of projects to complete before our travel date is enormous. The list has items that range from making sure our cellphone plans work properly in Canada to installing items on the truck we are taking down with us. Working together we can accomplish the main goal, if we stay on track that is.

While this week will involve a large amount of hours devoted to getting ready; many long days and short nights isn't really on the forefront of my mind. I can't help myself in being very excited. A trip across the country with one of my best friends! How exciting!

I've been messing around with my digital camera to make sure I have an idea of how it works so that I can take a lot of photos of my travels. Additionally, I am making sure that I have everything that I may need for this trip. The master list of personal items expands on a daily basis, but it's better than having to buy something from the store when I know that I have it at home.

Keep reading daily as I count down the days until the big trip and please comment below!


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