Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 0: Z Day...

July 24, 2011 - Not really. Our departure date has changed to sometime in the near future. Through no fault of either Bruce or myself, we have decided to bump back the date to the very near future, like, within a day or two. I don't know when it will be, but I know it is imminent. When I find out, you will find out.

By the way, I am aware that there is no such thing as a "day zero", but keeping in theme with this blog it was the best option. I could have changed the dates of the past blogs to show different days in the title, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it?

Today was Bruce's day. He completed a series of major events in order to get ready to go. I, on the otherhand, completed my list of last minute things; printing the maps, finalized my packing, and got a "haircut" (comment on this post and I'll tell you about my haircut experience, definately worth telling for a chuckle).

Tommorow will be spent finishing and detailing the truck, finalization of the packing process, and finishing up any unfinished business. It will be an early start, but thats the only way to finish it all.

Meet Our Traveling Companion

Please welcome the newest addition to our trip. His name is Humberto.

For the record, we did not steal him from somebody's garden, and no, we are not card carrying members of the Gnome Liberation Front (Stop Oppressive Gardening! and Every Gnome Needs A Home! sound like awesome bumper stickers, however).

Humberto will be travelling with Arthur, Bruce and myself to see the United States.


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