Friday, July 22, 2011

Day -4: The Truck

July 20 2011 - I am pleased to report that the major work on the truck is completed. Sure, there are some more things to do with it, but all of them I consider quite minor compared to the grand task that Bruce and I recently completed. Needless to say, Bruce was really happy to complete this major task as well; considering that the majority of his week was spent working on it.

What does that leave on my list of things to do? The simple answer is everything else. The trailer still needs to be packed up, alongside getting the gear ready for Pennsic War, not to mention my own packing. Good thing I am a light packer!

I am looking forward to this trip. Seeing new places, meeting interesting people, and enjoying an experience I have never had before. As "Z-day" gets closer and closer, I find myself getting really excited; much like a kid on Christmas morning.

We still continue to work many hours a day to make sure that when we head out on the highway, we are ready to look for adventure.


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