Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2: Oh Canada...

July 28, 2011 - After leaving Tok, we made our way to the Canadian border. Making sure that we had our important documents; we waited to enter Canada.

The Canadian border; from the Alaska side.

They asked us the basics: where are you going? Where are you from? Do you have any weapons? And so on. I felt sorry for the customs agent because she had to ask the same questions over and over again. However, she did have a very chipper bonjour.

Beaver Creek

We quickly passed into a small border village that served food and sundries to those entering Canada from one of the most popular northern points of entry.  Bruce and I ate at a small restaurant called Buckshot Sally's. While the food was a little greasy, the french fries were awesome.

With very little scenery in the local area we had to make do with what we could find. We did find a painted scene behind the restaurant to pose for pictures.

Humberto "Conehead" at Buckshot Sally's.

My Up Close Experience With A Bear

While driving on the bumpy highway to Haines Junction we saw a bear wandering alongside the highway. When say wandering I really mean extremely close to the truck.
I was so excited to see a wild bear so close that the pictures I took didn't all come out that well. Probably because my hands were shaking with excitement.

Really close.

No, I mean really close.

And by the way, no zoom was used on the camera. If I would have leaned out the window to take the picture I could have almost touched him.

Liters and Kilometers

Its hard to get used to the different units of measurements in Canada. We stopped at Destruction Bay for diesel and spent a couple of minuets trying to figure out the price per gallon.  Additionally, keeping an eye on the kilometer scale on the speedometer is entertaining. Thank goodness the truck has Cruise Control. It makes the task a lot easier.

Oh, and you've got to love the currency. It has a beauty to it that American dollars don't have. My favorite so far has been a $2 coin that threw me for a loop the fist time I received them.

Watson Lake

Our final stop for the night was the small town of Watson's Lake, home of the Sign Forest. Of course, we got there around three in the morning, so needless to say it wasn't that busy. In reality, we were the only ones there; which explains the pictures.

Batman poses at The Sign Forest in Watson Lake.

Humberto wasn't about to be one-upped by Batman.

The Sign Forest in Watson the dark.

If you want to see the attractions without the crowd; just show up early in the morning.


Lindainak said...

There's batman. I wondered where he was hiding. Oh yes, I remember that place. When we drove to Maine we got stuck in Watson Lake due to all the forest fires along the road. The sky was so black with smoke when we left and drove through the yukon. I love the yukon.

Thomas "Two-Bears" Sorngrym said...

Bruce takes more pictures of Batman; for me it's the Gnome. I think I have more pictures of Batman too, later on down the trip.

It was smokey when I drove up years ago too. I don't remember stopping at Watson Lake; and sadly, all I remember of the trip was being car sick because of the roads.

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