Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1: Tok, Alaska

July 27, 2011 - We have left the Valley. Traveling through the mountains was...interesting to say the least. The weight of the trailer slowed us down quite a bit, and I am glad we decided not to take the kitchen sink!

Figuring out a solid driving plan is next on our list. Bruce and I need to make sure that we both don't get burned out. Give us a little bit of time and we will have it all worked out.

The mountains were beautiful on the drive past Palmer. The slowly sinking sun made brilliant shadows on them while I quickly took pictures.

However, the Matanuska River always impresses me. It is gorgeous! It's hard to imagine that much water flowing freely out to the sea.

Wildlife Count

The moose were out and about today, and Bruce should be given credit for spotting five of the critters. Many of them were young, and interestingly enough, they were all on the right side of the highway

Humberto and Batman

This picture is of Humberto, commonly referred to as "Conehead"by Bruce.  The background is a dinner that can be found in Tok, Alaska and is often seen in The Milepost publication.  Very famous, but we didn't have an opportunity to eat there, just enough time to use the restroom.

The two are getting along famously, and more pictures of both Batman  and Humberto will be forthcoming.


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