Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 7: A Camper and a Star to Steer Her By

August 2, 2011 - With the camper firmly in our grasp (and attached to the truck as well) we utilized the WiFi connection at the place we were staying before making the push to get the camper and trailer set up the way we needed.  It took us a while, but we managed to get out the door with some time to spare.

Getting the Camper Ready

The first stop was to get to Blue Crick RV for them to install the much desired and in my own personal opinion, the most vital piece of equipment known to this Alaskan; the air conditioner.  The process took forever, so we amused ouselves first by shopping...

We had more, I just couldn't get a picture of it all at once.

...then by walking.  We walked to get something to eat, check out the bank, and ended up at Walmart when they called us to let us know the camper was done.  We graciously accepted the offer of a free shuttle back to the shop.  I still don't know how long the walking part was, and honestly, not really interested.

The Night of Long Night

Perhaps the worst part of this trip would be the final part of this day; getting the camper ready for the exit from Spokane in the morning.  We had purchased items that we still needed from Walmart and set about finding additional supplies to help make the camper fit the truck better and work properly when we got it out on the road.

When we finally found a hardware store, we managed to make it back to the Air Force Base late at night.  With no food in my system except from lunch (followed by a brisk walk), I was not in the mood to be playing around.  Unfortunately, when I get hungry and tired, I get cranky.  Poor Bruce must think I'm crazy.

After adjusting the camper and trying to find camper supplies in the trailer, we decided to call it a night, or should I say. I did.  I was really of no use after doing certain tasks so I went to bed.  Bruce stayed up working on other things until calling it a night in the very early morning.

Tomorrow we leave Spokane.  I'm excited to continue forward because many more adventures await us.


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