Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 6: Escape From Canada

August 1, 2011 - After traveling down through the rest of Canada, taking turns with Bruce to make sure we made it to our destination safely, we made it to the border crossing.  Except for the fact that the crossing station didn't open for a couple more hours, the trip to the border was mildly uneventful.

Wanting to make it to Spokane quickly, we decided to ask Claudia, our temperamental secretary (yes, I came up with a name for our navigational device) to get us to the border crossing into the United States.  Claudia has a great sense of adventure and likes to take us on dirt roads and through quiet residential areas.


We decided to go to the next border crossing in Grand Forks; in which incidentally enough, I didn't see any forks or spoons or anything like that...false advertisement.  From there, we passed through the US border with no problems.  They did ask us to open the trailer, but that was really it.  After chatting with the board border guards for a while, we returned to the United States.


It was nice to be back in our own country.  We welcomed back the mile measurements and cheered for the awesome infrastructure.  While in all honesty, Washington's vistas do not differ from those of Southern Canada,it had a certain feel to it, what we call American  soil.
Washington is pretty, even though they can be considered going through a drought.  Medium sized mountains littered the landscape until we reached Spokane, in which it quickly turned to flat lands.  We familiarized ourselves with the local area in which most of the next days work would start.

Introducing the Camper:  Home Away From Home

Just got the truck under our new home.

This is Bruce's new camper.  This is the reason why we stopped in Spokane instead of coming out of Canada towards North Dakota.  It is a Northern Lite truck camper, and it has many amenities that regular camping simply doesn't have.  Besides having a bed, a dinette corner, and a little kitchen, the camper also has a wet bathroom.  This means that it can be used as a shower or a bathroom.

We got to stay at the local Air Force base, and for the second time since this trip started I was able to enjoy an air-conditioned room with a bed.  I know that on this trip we will be staying in the camper once we get it, so while it may seem funny to talk about a real bed, trust me on this.

Tomorrow we start work on the camper and will continue our trip when it is completed.


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