Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 11: The Toll Road to Pennsic

August 6, 2011 -  While I was still driving, we passed the mighty Mississippi River.  Luckily, the sun was starting to rise and we were able to get a good glimpse of this natural wonder.  What a sight to behold!  The Mississippi is the largest river in North America.  It runs 2,530 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.  The river is also seen as the demarcation between the East and Central United States.

Bruce was awesome enough to take this picture of the Mississippi River.

Safely over the bridge, it was Bruce's turn to drive.  Now we were in a bind, however.  Bruce's family would arrive at the airport today; you know, the airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We had just crossed into Illinois.  Big problem, but one that we could fix.

We drove.


The first state we drove through was Illinois, called "The Prairie State."  In reality, this is the only state that we actually got to see today.  After driving through Illinois, we headed up towards Chicago to get on the toll road, commonly referred to as the Pikeway.  The Pikeway would take us through three states quickly and efficiently...for a price.

However, before we got to Chicago, I was able to take a few shots of the surrounding countryside.

You would think the air temperature would be cooler with a fan this big.

While flat, it still is very pretty...note the smog in the distance.

The weather wasn't cooperating for good photographs; it was definitely overcast.

Indiana and Ohio

Unfortunately, I can't say much for "The Hoosier State" or "The Buckeye State."  Our experience was on the Turnpike; a straight road with absolutely nothing to see or experience.  A modern marvel of transportation with none of the desired attractions; not that we really had time to stop anywhere except for food and gas.

We travelled for hours...

This was one of the things I took pictures of because it was what we saw.

...and hours...

We saw corn too, lots of corn.

...and hours.

Just now entering Ohio...still more driving to go.


After Ohio came Pennsylvania.  I love Pennsylvania.  I've been here before a couple of times before and the scenery always captivates me.  Luckily, we left the toll road when rolled into "The Keystone State."  Before we left, though, we had to cough up some hard earned cash for the honor of driving the Pikeway.  However, for the amount of time that it saved us; the toll road wasn't really that bad and in retrospect, well worth the money.

We continued on towards Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Almost there...

Yep, still driving.

Did I mention we did a lot of driving today?

I love the rolling hills of Pennsylvania; it's very pretty here.

More driving, but with better scenery.

Pittsburgh Airport

We finally arrived at the Pittsburgh Airport in the late afternoon; exhausted but happy at the same time.  This destination would mark the end of the second leg of our journey.  It would also mark the end of driving for twenty-four hours a day, of which I was extremely grateful.  After the Pittsburgh Airport there wouldn't be any other type of schedule that we would really have to follow.

Not an interesting picture, but to us it was good to be here.

Bruce's family was waiting for us when we pulled in.  Luckily it was a nice day and there was plenty of shade.  After greeting his family for the first time in over a week, we loaded up their luggage and pulled out of the airport.  The first thing we wanted to do was get some food, and Subway sandwiches made a great change from gas station meals we had been living on for the past couple of days.

With Bruce's family re-packed into the truck, we headed out towards our next destination...Pennsic War!


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