Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 5: Still Driving

July 31, 2011 - After the scary drive to Kamloops, I decided to let Bruce drive down the mountain.  I took a nap only to have Bruce wake me up, an unknown amount of time later and while it was still dark.  Disoriented and still sleepy, I let Bruce go to sleep as I quickly woke myself up by running around the truck a couple of times.  Then, getting into the driver's seat, I continued the journey to the border with only the TomTom to keep me company as Bruce dozed in the passenger seat.

I drove forever in the dark following the brightly lit TomTom's insistent urging that I continue in certain directions.  A left turn here, a right here.  She took me to places that I would have never seen before, and at the same time, never wish to see again.  The experience reminded me of some type of weird tale; a odd mixture of Mrs. Todd's Shortcut and Crouch End, both by Stephen King.  The road became obviously less travelled, and quite alone.

We went the back roads...the very back roads.  Up several mountain passes and down again.  Finally we were on flat ground just as the sun was starting to rise in the morning.  I thankfully pulled over and woke up my battle buddy, who promptly took over and started off towards our next destination; the American-Canadian border.


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