Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 24: The Drive to Georgia

August 19, 2011 - After making sure everything was good with the truck and our clothes were clean, we headed out of Washington D.C. to visit Bruce's dad.  Our goal was to make Macon by night and we had a very long way to travel.  This part of the trip didn't involve a lot of stops; except for gasoline and packaged food from the gas stations.  We travelled through a total of five states (Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia; for those keeping track), and sadly, we didn't have time to stop at the visitor centers to take pictures.

Like I said, we were on a time crunch.

A common scene throughout the entire day.

While passing through the town of Rocky Mountain in North Carolina, we did pass by the Wesleyan College.  Okay, I know, not very exciting, but this leg of the trip didn't have a lot of things to take pictures of.

North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Billboards and Roadsigns...Everywhere

An interesting note, and one I am sure most people know who have travelled around the United States, is that billboards and roadsigns are everywhere.  From proclaiming the cleanest bathrooms in the state to advertisements for a variety of products; the roadside sign forests along our route was both annoying and amusing to look at.

The side of the road is never boring in the South.

I made it into a type of game for myself.  Eventually I got bored, however, and stopped reading all of them.  I only really paid attention to the ones that touted local tourist traps along the highway; not that we had time to stop there, mind you, just to see what there was.

South of the Border In North Carolina

We didn't get to stop here but we saw hundreds of signs for this tourist trap.  Some of the signs that I saw for miles before this attraction stated "Keep Yelling Kids (They'll Stop), "You Never Sausage A Place", "Pedro's Fireworks! Does Yours?", and "Keep America Green! Bring Money!".

The largest sombrero I've seen by far.

The obvious main feature of this over-the-top attraction is the 165 foot high Sombrero Tower, easily seen in the distance.  South of the Border apparently features a lot of things, including restaurants, a gas station, several gift shops, and a small amusement park.  I would have liked to stop in here to look around for a while, but we had to keep driving.

It's getting dark and we still have a ways to go until our destination.

Macon, Finally!

It was late in the night when we finally pulled into Macon.  I mean really  late at night.  Bruce and I had switched our driving patterns from previous legs of the trip, so Bruce drove into his dad's home that night.  We were welcomed in and given comfortable beds to sleep in.  In the morning, we would spend some time visiting and then move on towards Mississippi.


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