Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 46-52: Relaxing in Tucson

September 10-16, 2011 - Bruce has been busy getting situated into his new job.  This involved a lot of running around, turning in paperwork, and generally trying to get things situated for his new home.  The camper was removed from the truck within the first day, and the trailer was situated out of the way.

The camper is off the truck; signaling the end of the journey for me.

Left with nothing much to do, I decided to take pictures of the local flora.

Spiky cacti.

Tall cacti.

Alcoholic cacti.

Colorful cacti.

Rude cacti.

Pet cacti.

Really tall cacti.

Sharp cacti.

and Prickly Pear.

Embrace the cacti, love the cacti, respect the cacti…well, maybe not.

Oh, and I saw some desert trees and shrubs too, just in case you got tired of looking at cacti.

Not sure what type it is, but it was cool.

Still no idea what this one was...sorry, I'm not a horticulturist.

I'm guessing a baby palm tree.

Other than snapping photographs of my prickly companions, I did manage to enjoy the hot weather; for the most part.  Apparently, Bruce and I showed up on the final days of the monsoon season.  This meant that in the afternoons we would be witness to amazing lightning storms and a lot of rain; who would have thought it actually rained in the desert!?

After being around somebody all the time for trip; it was difficult being on my own.  Funny as that sounds, you really get used to having a friend hanging out with you all the time.  However, Bruce and I had plenty of opportunities to do stuff together in the evenings.  We often went out to dinner, went to the cinema to catch a couple of movies, or just drove around town.

Oh, and shoe shopping.  Yeah, never mind.  Don't ask.

During the relaxing part in Tucson I have to admit I was deathly afraid of running into a scorpion or spider.  Call me paranoid, but those things creep me out.  Luckily, while I was out and about wandering around killing time, I didn’t run into a single one.  Most of my wanderings included walking to the store or just around the block.  I did my walking in the afternoon when the weather turned cooler, though.  It would have been too hot during the day for me.

Locked In

There was one time that I was actually locked away inside the camper for several hours.  The place that we stayed at was a military installation (one of the benefits of being a retired soldier).  Unfortunately, there was a report of a possibly armed person on the installation; and I don't think they were talking about a soldier.
The entire base was put on lock down, and since I was in the camper, that’s where I stayed.  Bruce happened to be at the base library doing research on trying to find a more permanent home and was locked up in there. Bruce and I texted back and forth, with me frantically sending news updates to Bruce, which in retrospect, he probably didn’t need.  Eventually things were figured out and we were allowed to leave our respective locations.

We decided to leave post that night for dinner instead of eating in the camper.


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