Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 45: Tucson, Arizona

September 9, 2011 - We have officially arrived in Tucson. Driving directly to the base, we set up camp at Bruce's future homestead. With not being sure what the next step would be, I started getting ready to head back home. However, after discussing the situation with Bruce, we decided that I would stay an extra week to make sure that Bruce's move would go smoothly. Plus, who else would help him get the camper off the truck?

Tucson is quite interesting. There are many things that I found enjoyable and many that I wasn't too fond of. That being said, I am not planning on living here any time soon, and as such, I kept my opinions to myself. I won't be listing the items here except to say that I am tired of seeing cactus and mesquite trees everywhere.

A brief snapshot of what it looks like in Tucson.

A golf course near where we stayed.

Local scenery.  If you look carefully, you can see some grass.

The Thing

Along the way from Deming to our destination, I started noticing signs on the side of the road for "The Thing" featuring the enigmatic question "what is it?" quite prominently. Being a sucker for a mystery I would have liked to see what it was, but I concluded that we were on a schedule and I didn't speak up and ask Bruce to head to it. Sad, yes, I know.

Later I found out that The Thing is a modern day cabinet of curiosities that features what appears to be a mummified woman and child and some "interesting" art work and half moldy unknown artefact's. In retrospect, I still would have liked to have seen this attraction. Maybe one day.


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