Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Strange Post

March 21, 2012 - Today, while getting gasoline, I saw something that brought back some very good memories.  No, gas wasn't priced at $2.30 a gallon (am I dating myself there?).  I saw a truck and camper that reminded me of the trip that Bruce and I took months and months ago.

Yeah, good memories!

Same type of truck, same style, same color, same type of camper; it was strange to see it my hometown.  If I wasn't positive that Bruce was still down in Tucson, I would have thought it was him.  This glimpse really couldn't have come at a better time considering that we are about halfway through Bruce's extended stay in Arizona.

Sure, I have other ways to remember our fun times.  Besides this blog, I still carry the gnome around with me.  Remember him?

Humberto on Tour

Back in the beginning of the trip, I acquired a gnome (perfectly legal acquisition, mind you).  He travelled with us all around the United States; and along with Batman, was photographed in many different places.  I haven't stopped our little "tradition."

I'll probably get in trouble for it later; but the gnome looks like Bruce.

Humberto has been around since he came back to Alaska.  Mostly, he goes around to different events and poses as Bruce.  Since Humberto and Bruce could be identical twins, many people mistake the two of them.

Shopping at a holiday bazaar.

Humberto prepares to cut a pineapple for the New Year's party.

Don't worry, he didn't drive home that night.

Humberto (or is it Bruce?) trying his hand at chopsticks.

And it's not done yet, not by far.  I will be sending Humberto down to Estrella War this year, and as soon as I get the pictures, I will be posting them.  Sadly, I will not be able to make it down to Phoenix this year.  However, just as the gnome is Bruce while he is gone, Humberto can play me since I can not be at war with my buddy.


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