Saturday, November 26, 2011

28 days after 28 days after 28 days

Ok, where do you go from here...battle buddy was a new term for me...through good and bad we always miss those days we had...they made memories......

My "Battle Buddy" is back home and dealing with his day to day issues and I'm many miles away working on mine. But my journey is far from over! I have a year or so to go. How I spend that time preparing for my return is crucial...if wasted, my trip is for naught.

My battle buddy motivated me to do things so I could be a friend or leader. Sometimes just a pain in the ass, sorry for that!! Without that drive in front of me, the motivation must come from within. I have had that internal motivation dormant for a bit as I did a few things I could only do here. But it strives to come out, what will I do is the million dollar question and I'm open to suggestions. Thanks Battle Buddy!!


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